Wondering how to please your man in bed? Use these sexxxy, flirty tips on teasing and pleasing and you’ll make him desire you and want you more than ever!

Guys are pretty easy to please.

At the beginning, all he needs is your sexy presence to turn him on.

But when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s hard to keep the enthusiasm up even if you’re really attractive and sexxxy.

Pleasing your man in bed can be simple, as long as you remember to keep things interesting.

Look for ways to bring the excitement of the earlier days, and you’ll surely stiffen his pants in no time.

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How to please your man in bed

To turn a man on or keep him on a sexxual high, you need to do more than just give him a good blow. You need to make him want you and desire you no matter where he is.

Learn to excite his mind and his shorts will follow. Use these 10 tips on how to please your man in bed, and his confused grin will reveal just how pleased he really is!


1. #1 Dress well.

The pleasure of sexxx may be in the sensation, but the arousal also depends on many other things.

Dress well in bed all the time, and not just on the nights when you decide to have sex. Wear flimsy, soft nightwear that flows over your body.

If your man loves the way you look when you walk away in a negligee that’s cute and yet sexxxy, he’ll have a hard time keeping his hands off you.